The Autolayout Guide

Welcome to the website for the upcoming book, The Autolayout Guide.

What is The Autolayout Guide?

It is a book that will cover Apple's Autolayout technology on Mac OS X and iOS.

What will it cover.

The current list of chapters is:

Who is writing it?

It is being written by me, Martin Pilkington.

What formats will it be in?

Initially it will only be available as an iBook from the iBook store. It may later be available as DRM-free ePub or PDF.

Why an iBook?

This is partly an experiment. I am very excited by Apple's iBook tools and want to see how they can be utilised to make a book aimed at developers.

Will there be a print version.


What version of Mac OS/iOS/Xcode will it cover? Updated

The book assumes you are developing for at least Mac OS X 10.8 and iOS 6 and are using Xcode 5.1 or later.

When will it be released? Updated

Spring 2014

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